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The University of Texas System


Board of Regents

As of August 31, 2008

H. Scott Caven, Jr. - Chairman
James R. Huffines - Vice Chairman
Robert B. Rowling - Vice Chairman

Terms Expire February 1, 2009*
John W. Barnhill, Jr.
H. Scott Caven, Jr.
James R. Huffines

Terms Expire February 1, 2011*
Janiece Longoria
Colleen McHugh
Robert B. Rowling

Terms Expire February 1, 2013*
James D. Dannenbaum
Paul Foster
Printice L. Gary

Student Regent Term Expires May 31, 2009*
Benjamin Dower

*Each Regent's term expires when a successor has been appointed, qualified, and taken the oath of office.
The Student Regent serves a one-year term.

Francie A. Frederick - General Counsel to the Board of Regents