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Financial Highlights

As reflected in Figure A, even though fiscal year 2008 proved to be a tough year from a net investment return perspective, the LTF has still shown tremendous growth over the past five years. LTF assets have grown to $5,285 million, versus $2,840 million in 2004, an increase of 86% over the five year period.

Figure B illustrates the substantial long term growth in the LTF's net asset value from contributions and investment return (after distributions and expenses). Twenty-five years ago, at the end of fiscal year 1983, the net asset value of the LTF was $175 million, substantially below the $5.3 billion as of the end of fiscal year 2008. The tremendous growth of the LTF over this period reflects the generosity of the many benefactors supporting UT System as well as investment returns earned by the LTF. Contributions received during fiscal year 2008 were remarkable; totaling $355 million. Over the twenty-five year period, the sum of the contributions received total $3.1 billion. The investment return over this same period was $4.4 billion. However, since distributions are paid out of investment income, the net investment addition to the total LTF was $2.2 billion.