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The Watson W. Wise Foundation

Watson W. Wise Medical Research Library

Watson W. and Emma Wise knew the value that a health sciences library would bring to Tyler and to the entire Northeast Texas region. Not only did they make a generous monetary contribution to establish the library, Mr. Wise also donated journals covering biomedical research: a collection of 3,000 volumes of biomedical material to the library.

“My interest in the UT Health [Science] Center prompted me to establish a medical library, which has been badly needed for East Texas doctors,” Mr. Wise said at the dedication ceremony in 1984. “…I know there are many doctors who give some time to research who will find the library most useful.”

With the annual earnings from the Watson and Emma Wise Medical Research Journal Endowment, which is invested in the University of Texas System Long Term Fund managed by UTIMCO, the library has been able to purchase a vast array of resource materials.

“Proceeds from the endowment have allowed us to purchase reference sets with multiple volumes in our core specialty areas,” said Tom Craig, Director of Library Services. “The funds have also helped us purchase the more expensive items from our wish list.”

In addition to the establishment of the more than 25-year-old endowment, the Watson W. Wise Foundation has continued to support The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler (UTHSCT) through annual contributions to the Watson W. Wise Medical Research Library. Because of the gifts from Watson and Emma Wise and the Foundation, the library has been able to provide necessary resources to UTHSCT researchers, family medicine residents, medical personnel, and many northeast Texas healthcare institutions. The library saw over 44,000 uses in Fiscal Year 2010. The Foundation’s continued support is vital as subscription costs and access needs continue to rise.

“Mr. and Mrs. Wise realized that this library was and is a resource for this entire region of the state,” said Craig. “It is the only Health Sciences library in East Texas.”

The library is a significant tool for the UTHSCT researchers and as the Health Science Center expands its residency programs and other public health and biomedical academic programs, the library will become even more vital. Not only will local students and medical personnel have access to research materials and medical journals, but others throughout the region will be able to utilize these resources as well. The library continues to use the latest technology so that its resources are accessible and therefore honors the ongoing gift of Mr. and Mrs. Wise and the Foundation named in their memory. Thanks to their vision these services will continue.

“With the support of the Foundation and funding from the endowment, we will continue to enhance our resources as we bring new academic programs online,” Craig explained.

Because the resources of the Watson W. Wise Medical Research Library are valuable to our physicians, residents, and all the practicing physicians in East Texas, the Library is a critical component in helping us fulfill our mission of providing quality patient care and community health, comprehensive education, and innovative research.

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