The Permanent University Fund (PUF) is a public endowment contributing to the support of eligible institutions of The University of Texas System and The Texas A&M University System as provided in Article VII, Section 18 of the Texas Constitution. The PUF was established in the Texas Constitution of 1876 through the appropriation of land grants previously given to The University of Texas at Austin plus one million acres. The land grants to the PUF were completed in 1883 with the contribution of an additional one million acres of land. Today, the PUF contains approximately 2.1 million acres of land located in 24 counties primarily in West Texas. The promise inherent in the establishment of the PUF over 120 years ago continues to be realized. Today, the PUF provides support to 19 institutions of the UT and A&M Systems in providing educational opportunities to more than 250,000 students across the State of Texas.